The seminar is built around four workshops. All workshops have been established in cooperation between your requests and us. Our intention is to give you the very best experience possible. The workshop hosts are chosen among the very best people in their field.
All the workshops are concentrated and will last about 6 hours: 2-3 hours before lunch and 2-3 after. There will be lots of practical tasks and enough time for evaluation afterwards. We expect everybody to take part in the workshops, except if you have a good reason not to.
Some of the more practical workshops may be replaced to one of the larger rooms near the canteen.
You are more than welcome to practice the practical tasks afterwards and try out some of the new stuff you’ve learned.


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Friday, June 8th
“How to write a POP / ROCK song”

Danish singer/songwriter Nils Maaetoft belongs to that rare breed of musicians who do not seek out the limelight and curry to fly-by-night musical trends. Nils has always taken his own circuitous path through the musical wilderness. In the new millennium, Nils has made annual pilgrimages to Montgomery, Alabama to play concerts with one of his songwriting partners, Karren Pell and her husband, Tim Henderson. As the Capitol Heights Hillbillies, the trio plays a broad mix of original material, as well as Hank Williams, Stanley Brothers and Carter Family greats. Nils is also known for throwing the odd rock’n’roll standard into their set. On rare occasions, Nils also performs on his own…




Saturday, June 9th
“Four times incredible MUE concerts at Marius Øltapper”
We will hopefully, this year, have a big tent, stage and our own gear brought down to Marius by Belly & co. 4 concerts, lots of beers to the audience, perhaps a pro band in the evening 19.30. Then we all go to party.



Sunday, June 10th – Tuesday, June 12th
“Choir rehearsals the songs from Bowie / Petty”
My name is Annette Trollegaard Jørgensen. I am a singer, song teacher, choreographer and songwriter. In the band SOULFUL INJECTION I am a singer and guitarist. In addition to singing my own songs, I’m also a singer in the party hit’Shake. Together with Peter Nielsen, I started the Funky Friends choir in Århus in 2004. I graduated as a vocal teacher at the Musicians Institute in the USA, Los Angeles in 1994-95, where I graduated with Honors and the award “Most outstanding vocalist of the year”. Then I took 2 years of continuing education at the Rhythmic Music Conservatory in Aarhus. I have a lot of experience when I taught in song and choir for 25 years. I teach daily at different schools and in private.


Sunday, June 11th – Tuesday, June 13th “Lead singers and band rehearsals with Flemming Rasch”
Flemming Rasch. Guitarist, choir singer and band leader in the band Best of Bowie, which has been around for some years. The band got extra attention – for example, in the TV 2 news – when Bowie filled 60 years and again when Bowie died in 2016. After Bowie’s much to early death, it was as if the audience caught sight of the qualities of David Bowie’s huge material. And he got a huge revival everywhere. And those who have always been a Bowie fan suddenly realized that there was actually an orchestra, The Best og Bowie, that delivered concerts from top shelf with Bowie’s material.